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Spring 2003 - V.18 N.1
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Water Levels in the Lagoon - What's Up?
The Lagoon Monitor

Dissolved Oxygen - Fish Need to Breathe Too!

Have You Smelled Your Lagoon Lately?

Water Levels in the Lagoon - What's Up?

Lagoon Day - Saturday, April 5th

    The lagoon water levels have been very low over the last few months. Wind is the primary mover of water in the lagoon and short term changes in water levels are often caused by wind driven waves piling up water in the direction it is blowing. Long term water level changes are related to rainfall, seasonal tides and hurricanes. The maps on this page shows how much the lagoon's water level rose from January 2002 to August 2003 and then dropped again by January 2003. On average the Lagoon rose almost a foot and then dropped by the same amount. This represents a change in volume of water in the Lagoon of over four billion gallons. This change in water levels is normal since there is little rainfall in the winter months adding to the Lagoon's levels and large volumes in the Summer and Fall. In the Fall months seasonal high tides push extra water in from the inlets and lagoon levels are further swelled by heavy rains associated with hurricanes. Lagoon water levels changed the least (0.2 feet) to the south, near the large inlets. Near a large inlet the lagoon levels tend to more closely match ocean levels so daily fluctuations may be higher but seasonal changes may be lower.

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