Brown Bag Lunch: Shadows of Earth Day — The Future of Humanity

20160802-brownbag-ross-mcluney-promoThe August Brown Bag Lecture (Tuesday, August 2 at noon) features Dr. Ross McCluney, environmental writer and ret. Principal Research Scientist at UCF's Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC). His presentation will be "Shadows of Earth Day — The Future of Humanity."

  • Environmental Crisis — The Beginnings
  • History in a Nutshell — Universe Earth Humanity
  • Environmental consequences of Industrial Civilization
  • Symptoms of Crisis
  • Good News and Hope
  • Is Global Warming About to Stop?
  • What Humanity Must Do

Ross McCluneyLinks Dr. McLuney's blog. FSEC website. Dr. McLuney worked at the FSEC from 1976 to 2007 Dr. McLuney's area of work at FSEC, where he did fenestration research and was a technical consultant on the Disney Sundial, the largest sundial in the world. Information on microorganism and pollution control.

MRC's Brown Bag Lunch Series is held the first Tuesday of each month from noon to 1:00 pm at the Ted Moorhead Lagoon House, 3275 Dixie Highway NE, Palm Bay. Florida. For more information contact MRC at 321-725-7775.