Brown Bag Lunch: Worms Eat My Garbage

20180403-bbag-lila-gilbertJoin us at noon on Tuesday, April 3 for a Brown Bag Lunch with Florida Master Gardener Lila Gilbert, who will discuss composting with worms and how to create your own worm bin.

Composting worms eat the food waste that is generally thrown away, creating a rich soil mixture. This rich soil component can be added to the soil you use for gardening, creating a healthier growing medium for plants and vegetables. This is an inexpensive way to not only improve your soil, but also to reduce the amount of waste that reaches our landfills.

Lila is a longtime Brevard resident, living in Cape Canaveral. She has been a Florida Master Gardener in both Brevard and Orange Counties for 17 years. Lila is a Florida State graduate and is also a military veteran who served in the U.S. Army. When she's not working on her lawn or garden, she spends her time quilting and teaching Zumba classes.

This is a lunchtime learning lecture, attendees are welcome and encouraged to bring their lunch to enjoy during the seminar.

MRC's Brown Bag Lunch Series is held the first Tuesday of each month from noon to 1:00 pm at the Ted Moorhead Lagoon House, 3275 Dixie Highway NE, Palm Bay, Florida. For more information contact MRC at 321-725-7775.