Indian River Lagoon Report Card

IRL-report-card-sampleClick here for an example of the
Indian River Lagoon Report Card.
MRC is raising $195,000 to complete the first ecological health assessment for the Indian River Lagoon and to produce a status report card in early 2017. We have an outstanding team of local scientists and experts assembled to accomplish this goal.

MRC will generate a printed “State of the Indian River Lagoon” annual report that describes the lagoon health in a simplified, understandable, graphical format AND a web-based platform where data trends and long-term datasets can be graphically depicted.

“State of the Indian River Lagoon” annual report will address questions like:

  • Is the lagoon's health improving?
  • What efforts are resulting in better conditions?
  • What can I do to help the lagoon?

Assessing the health of the lagoon will be completed in 4 Phases:

Step 1: Define Indicators and Benchmarks
Step 2: Gather the data
Step 3: Define the grading scale
Step 4: Mapping and printing

step 1
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