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The goal of the LagoonWatch program is to provide lagoon-wide data to understand changes in water quality over time.

MRC's Indian River LagoonWatch Water Quality Monitoring Program was established in 1989 in partnership with the (at that time) Florida Department of Environmental Regulation. LagoonWatch volunteer Water Quality Monitors submit weekly data that include dissolved oxygen, salinity, pH, and other important factors.

The data collected by Lagoon Watch volunteers help guide policy, inform resource management, and evaluate success while also increasing community awareness and involvement. Unfortunately, due to state budget cuts, the program suffered extensive losses and there are currently only 30 monitoring stations in place. We need more data!

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A long-standing LagoonWatch volunteer collected the data below that shows the dramatic drop in dissolved oxygen that caused the largest fishkill in lagoon history in March 2016.

Drop in dissolved oxygen, IRL, March 2016

Map of LagoonWatch Sites