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Northern Right Whale Monitoring Program

2010-2011 Whale Classes

Dedicated Watchers

What is your right whale IQ?

(Photo by Chris Slay / New England Aquarium)

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The endangered right whale utilizes the Atlantic Coast off Georgia and Florida as calving grounds. Volunteer spotters, living in high rise condos beachside report right whale sightings to track the whales' movement and behavior patterns along the Atlantic Coast in an effort to determine migration characteristics of these highly endangered marine mammals.

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Mission Statement for Volunteer Whale Observers

To be the eyes, ears and voice of the northern right whale in its only known calving ground off the Florida Atlantic coast.

To cooperate with scientists and resource managers and report whale sightings to alert ships at sea in order to reduce ship collisions, the greatest know cause of death of northern right whales.

To gather scientific data regarding right whale occurrence, movement patterns and behavioral characteristics in the southeast critical habitat.

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